The True Cost

Yes, this post is not about how nice and great it´s passing your time crafting beautiful things. This post is about the time other people waste doing beautiful things we buy.


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Starting Point

A encouraging gift from a lovely friend.

A encouraging gift from a lovely friend.

Well, here we are . After several attemps for launching a blog, I’m finally going ahead. Based on the previous posts made ​​in a previous essay on blogspot, this blog is now launched on wordpress.

Like the meaning of “hopscotch”, this blog will be place where I can play with crafts and nature. Two passions that I´m (re)discovering since I moved to Portugal in 2010. A lovely country where you can easily find tradition in harmony with innovation.

I said re-discovered because since I was a child, knitting, sewing, embroidering, trecking, and nature where already in my mind as beautiful things.

I have already several posts in mind, but it is always better not run to much. So let me just, thank my friend for this gift. She does not know, but reading day after day this sentence helped me to start this adventure.

Gracias Helena.

Incoming project. Post II.

A new idea is born. 

I do not know how long it will take me, but it will be launched in 2014.

Sometimes you do not need to go far to find what makes you happy. Don´t be afraid.

Patterns, threads, needles and fabrics are welcome.