Eco Homemade Lunch

Eco Salad made from my vegetable garden.

Eco Salad made from my vegetable garden.

No one can say no to the great pleasure of eating a salad from our own garden. Especially if it is completely organic and as varied as this one. Arugula, winter lettuce, beetroot leaves, endive, chicory, white radish, carrot, and various sprouts.

Hum! Such a pleasure of different flavours and tastes. Who said the vegetable garden is not for winter season?

I have a vegetable garden for 3 years and half more or less. Each season is different because I´m always trying with different options directly inspired from permaculture, intercropping, etc. But also because some seasons (in particular rainy autumns and winters) my garden seems a jungle.

Next session will be totally inspired by Alys Fowler´s edible garden. Take a look to the inspiring videos she made for BBC here, I´m sure you will quickly start to think how to plant tomatoes or salads at home, a feasible option for urban apartments as mine.

Bon Appétit!

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